School physicals should be scheduled as early as possible. In anticipation of heavy demand for these appointments, you should plan to schedule the appointment at least two months in advance. For middle and high school athletes, physicals, by law, must be performed after May 1st. Please schedule accordingly. Please bring all necessary forms to your appointments, with all sections completed, including patient name, birthday, etc. Present these forms to the nurse for completion.  Parents are responsible to bring all forms to the appointment.  We do not have time to download these forms on an individual basis.  If you child has had vaccines given in a clinic other than ours, please have those records with you.

For those who wish to play (in any district), they will need a physical examination after May 1st, to be allowed to participate in the next academic year’s program. Physical forms can be downloaded from your school district website. Any physicals before May 1st will not be accepted, according to the Nebraska  School Activities Association. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your children for their yearly appointment.

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